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Combating African Swine Fever Virus with Omnicide™

Effective Biosecurity – The tool to help fight African Swine Fever Virus

African Swine Fever (ASFV) continues to be a major problem in Eastern Europe and has now spread to mainland China. Mirius™ is warning pig producers about the risk of the disease spreading and is recommending the implementation of strict biosecurity practices to help prevent the disease.

Mike Button – General Manager of Healthcare at Mirius™, explains the importance of biosecurity best practice in combating the risk that African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) poses to the pig industry: “Biosecurity is the only real way of stopping the spread of the virus onto and around a pig production facilities. Pig producers need to employ a strict biosecurity programme and all staff need to be trained and own the programme”.

Mirius™ is providing specialist advice and support, giving special attention to the areas of biosecurity for buildings, transportation, equipment, and drinking water systems. Using the proven and tested products of Omniclean™ and Omnicide™.

Mirius™ supplies to pig producers for the biosecurity control of ASFV the original synergistic blend of glutaraldehyde and Coco Quat, broad spectrum disinfectant Omnicide™. Omnicide™ has been independently tested for its efficacy against ASFV by the European Union Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever (EURL) based in Madrid Spain and is proven to be effective against ASFV.

Omnicide™ has been the number one choice for pig farmers around the world for years and is proven to work in cold conditions, hard and soft water and in the presence of organic matter. It is non-corrosive in dilution making it safe to use on transportation vehicles and equipment and effective for clothing and footbaths.

To download our detailed ASF information flyer please click here Omnicide™ ASF

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