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Bird Flu – Biosecurity Product Information

Biosecurity at Work

At the time of writing (early November 2022) the spread of Avian Influenza (AI) continues to spread in the UK despite the government attempting to contain the disease in birds. As of November 7th, 2022 the government’s response escalates to containment of flocks indoors, a measure reflecting the threat posed by the highly contagious AI virus to wild birds and poultry.

Whilst the risk to bird populations is clear Public Health England have stated that the risk to human health from AI is “very low” as transmission of the disease from birds to humans is rare. Food standards agencies have confirmed that consumption of poultry products presents no hazard to the public.

Flock containment is one aspect of a series of biosecurity measures at the disposal of the government and the poultry industry. The scope of biosecurity includes good management, maintenance and disinfection procedures of bird containing environments, so effective antiviral products are a key component of reducing the risk of AI transmission between birds. Over the last 30 years Coventry Chemicals Ltd. has developed a range of highly efficacious cleaning and disinfection products intended to be used for the routine and emergency disinfection of all types of poultry housing and related facilities.


  • Omniclean is a high performance, fast foaming, detergent cleaner
  • Its formulation is ideal for first stage cleaning of animal housing, transportation, hatcheries and food processing areas
  • Omniclean contains a non-ionic and cationic surfactant that remove a wide variety of surface debris and heavy soiling such as protein, fats and biofilm, quickly and thoroughly via a simple jet wash tool
  • Cleaned surfaces and equipment are ready for disinfection


  • Omnicide is the original broad-spectrum animal health disinfectant combining the powerful active ingredients glutaraldehyde and the QAC, Cocobenzyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride
  • It’s the ideal choice for disinfecting all areas, surfaces and equipment within poultry and hatchery environments
  • Omnicide has been independently tested all over the world and is approved for use against notifiable diseases, including Avian Influenza, by DEFRA, UK

Reducing the risk

Additional products such as Virucidal WP complete the product portfolio offered by Coventry Chemicals Ltd. comprising high-quality, independently proven antiviral disinfectants. The application of these products will challenge the continued presence of AI and reduce the risk of further disease spread.

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