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Cattle are susceptible to disease attacks at calving time, as adults in feedlots or winter quarters or out grazing in milking parlours and to their feet.


Newborn calves are attacked by viral and bacterial pathogens causing diarrhoea. Calving pens should be cleaned with Omniclean™ and sprayed with Omnicide™ to destroy these pathogens.

Cattle pens, equipment and fencing around the pens, should be sprayed with Omnicide™.

Omnicide™ is non-corrosive and is safe to spray over all metal equipment in the milking parlour.

Omnicide™ should NOT be used as an udder wash

Cattle foot diseases

Cattle grazing on grass or wet ground or kept in intensive feedlots are susceptible to bacterial foot diseases.

In countries where it is permitted, Omnicide™may be used as a cattle foot bath.

Where crypotosporidium is present in calf pens and animal housing. Use OmniCox™ after first cleaning with Omniclean™ and Omnicide™

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