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Mirius Against Profiteering Statement

Mirius is currently working 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to ensure supplies of our antiviral products reach those that need it the most. If any customer of any of our products are found to be profiteering from the current crisis they will be removed from our supply list effective immediately. For any reseller found to be doing likewise Mirius and its legal team will do everything in its power to cease and desist the sale of these goods.
Copyright Infringements –  It is strictly prohibited to copy or capture any photography, imagery or text from our website or any social media platforms without express prior permission. Terms and Conditions can be found here anyone caught using our intellectual property without prior permission will be pursued accordingly by Mirius and its legal team.
Ebay sellers  – We are in contact with Ebay on a daily basis and any sellers found to be price gouging or profiteering will be reported to Ebay which may result in the suspension of your account.
It is everyone’s responsibility at this time of national crisis to be fair and reasonable in the way they conduct business and it is with this in mind we have had to take such a strict approach to the sale of our goods.
We thank you for your understanding at this time.

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