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RKS40 Antiviral Disinfectant Concentrate 4 x 1 Litre Refill Kit

Order Code: 800-304-0006

RKS40 is the result of key product development and advances in antimicrobial chemistry, combined with rigorous laboratory analysis – see below for a detailed technical description of RKS40 technology. Mirius™ is delighted to offer the market an exceptionally high quality, high performance disinfectant that has been demonstrated to eradicate viral contamination within seconds after use.

  • Rapid performance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • No hazard to the environment
  • With CoviPure™ Technology
  • Tested and passes BS EN 14476 & BS EN 16777
  • 1Ltr makes 40 x 500ml Trigger Sprays
  • Box of 4 x 1Ltr RKS40 (not sold individually)


A little science describing how RKS40 works

The antimicrobial (antiviral + antibacterial + antifungal properties) product RKS40 is based on the active substance called chlorine dioxide (ClO2). At relatively low concentrations, ClO2  is highly effective at killing harmful microorganisms, even across a wide pH range – numerous lab reports describe its antimicrobial performance. ClO2 is also readily soluble in water so it’s ideal as an aqueous disinfectant.

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing, not a chlorinating agent. Organic substances in bacterial cells react with ClO2 causing various biological processes to be interrupted. For example, ClO2 reacts with amino acids and the RNA in the cell and the production of proteins is inhibited. Chlorine dioxide also interferes with the cell membrane by damaging membrane-bound proteins and fats. Chlorine dioxide kills viruses by prevention of protein formation. The by-product of this reaction is chlorite, which is harmless to humans.



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