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UK Bird Flu Migration – Winter 2022-23

November 21, 2022

Last winter (2021-22) a record number of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) cases were recorded in the UK with observations of disease made in both wild and captive birds. Like the human form of influenza, Bird Flu tends to be a seasonal disease with infections peaking in colder winter months. However, the Bird Flu epidemic of last winter has persisted, particularly in ducks, geese and large swimming and sea birds. As we move into this year’s winter, cases are rising and the UK government is implementing strict biosecurity measures.

A complicating factor of Bird Flu epidemiology is the migratory habits of wild birds. Infected wild birds will migrate considerable distances as the colder months progress, taking the virus with them, and it’s this movement of the Bird Flu virus that poses a risk of the disease spreading. As mass migration of birds is impossible to avoid the poultry industry in the UK anticipates continuation of this disruptive and damaging viral epidemic.

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