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Where are we with COVID-19 in the UK?

Daily COVID-19 cases within the United Kingdom are continuing to present a relatively high presence of the virus in the general population. Latest data from the Johns Hopkins University show that around 30,000 people per day are being confirmed infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. As with any outbreak of infectious disease, the number of confirmed daily cases is lower than the actual number of infected people due, in part, to limited testing. Overall hospital admission rates of COVID-19 patients currently stand at about 2,000 people per day (GOV UK Coronavirus data). These figures are similar to the ones seen in December 2020; the point at which tier 4 lock down was introduced for some parts of the UK.

Evidently, the virus remains prevalent in the UK population despite widespread vaccine take up. However, the country has returned, to a large extent, to pre-pandemic lifestyles – a sense of normality that doesn’t include the virus. The adopted security measures of hand washing, hand sanitisers, surface disinfection and social distancing, ubiquitous during the pandemic, have been curtailed radically. But the virus, and therefore COVID-19, remains at large. The UK National Health Service is still burdened by COVID-19-related hospitalisations and workplaces continue to experience absenteeism because of COVID_19 infection. The UK population is still being exhorted to be vaccinated and receive booster jabs in the ongoing challenge to COVID-19. It makes sense, therefore, to continue best practice hygiene, so common two years ago, in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus more effectively.

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